Hey there. If we haven’t met yet, I’m Katie. Originally from Charleston, SC, my husband and I relocated to Stuttgart, Germany in the Fall of 2015. Formerly employed in various social work jobs in the U.S., I am currently trying, and sometimes failing, to figure out how to embrace and appreciate my drastically altered but nevertheless (mostly) exciting life of being a writer and editor and a person who lives in Europe. Things I love include: people (mostly, often. OK, let’s just say more than 50% of people more than 50% of the time); cats (the quirkier the better); my family (wish they were closer); my 3 cats and 1 dog, which are temporarily being reared by my very gracious, stateside parents; sloths; horses… pretty much all animals, come to think of it… mimosas; brunch; making lists; theme-parties where costumes are mandatory and lack of dancing results in heavy scowling and a bit of judgment from others; stories; storytelling; storytellers; going to the movies by myself; road trips; music and songs of all shapes and sizes; Autumn; the mountains; Autumn in the mountains; really long walks which result in me coming home with dirty shoes and a sun-kissed face; unfolding maps to plot out a destination and then failing to close it in the appropriate accordion style, because I’ve yet to figure out the art of map-folding; pottering about in my tiny patio garden; the excessive use of parenthetical asides; and my adorable husband.

I’d rather not talk about the things I don’t love, because at the moment, most of them rhyme with Ronald Mump, and I’m loath to give him more attention than he is currently receiving on the Internet. K thanks.


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